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I went in to pizza job tonight because I knew they only had one other driver and the ham was in Phoenix. So, I went. Made pretty good tips. Only got stiffed once, so that was ok. I think I'll be sleeping on the loveseat tonight. It was the only reason I was able to get up this afternoon to go to pizza job. Stupid back. Hopefully a night of sleeping with my legs elevated will make it all work out. What's funny is that the one thing that I think would work and help my back completely relax is illegal. Hilarious, non?

Ah well. I have to go back to the warehouse tomorrow, but I'm gonna take it easy. No chassis, no big things. I'll work on all the small shit. What really sucks is that I'm going to have to go in on Saturday, if there is work available, to make up some of the hours I missed today. Here's hoping.
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