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I think Vera farted

No, seriously.

Anyways, made it through work, but I was an hour late. Ah well. Warehouse is closed again on Saturday, so I'll just have to go into pizza early. Luckily I work tomorrow night and Friday night, too. *sigh*

Was gonna go straight home after work, but instead decided to join some peeps at Che's for a drink. Hung out there for a bit and then left to get a slice of pizza (*sigh*) and then go home. Wound up hanging out with D there for a while after she got off her shift. It was insanely quiet in there. Felt kind of bad for the servers. The cooks seemed happy, though. :)

Didn't leave there until 8:30, so no laundry was done. Dammit. I think I may just take it to the wash and fold. It's reached a point where I just don't even want to deal with it. Although, I don't think I'm ready to have them washing my undergarments, with the exception of socks, so I'll do those myself here. Maybe I'll do that Saturday. Or Friday. I'll have to see.

Anyways, my back is a little better. I got some backpain relief medicine. Did you know that they still make Doan's? It's true! I was quite amazed. I was debating between those or Percogesic, but given all the OMGYOUWILLDIE on the Percogesic box, I decided to go with the Doan's. Except, I got a different brand of Doan's. Sorry Doan's. I just really like saying Doan's. I also got one of those heat patches. It's got Capsaicin on it instead of menthol or camphor or bengay or whatever. My mom says they feel really good, so I got a single pack instead of a 5 pack. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Now, on to the really good news. I saw that Lindy's is open again. Most likely new management, but still! I don't know if the veggie sandwich is still intact, we'll have to go check it out, footnotefetish!!!

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