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I received an awesome birthday present from someone. Two things actually. A really cool cd-rom about serial killers, which I am going to have to get to sooner than later, maybe tonight. The other thing was this really awesome Nine Inch Nails collector's item. It looks like a movie can and inside is a cd. I believe that it is Further down the spiral, but I could be mistaken, and it also comes with three pins, each one has a letter on it and it of course, spells out nin. pretty groovy. :)

Well, I really like it. So there!

In work news: they fired this girl in medical records who was working on some charts for me. She was researching them to see if she could find them for me so that I can send them to the billing company. Alas, they can't find what she was working on. If she trashed things, I wouldn't blame her, the rumor mill has it that she was terminated for speaking back to the boss who was talking rather nastily to her (not like "ooh baby" nasty, more like "you suck" nasty.) So, she hung up on him and he called back and fired her. That's one story I have heard. So, I'm back to square one trying to figure out everything that I need from them. Which, in a way is a good thing, I can make a huge list and punish them for firing someone who got the work done for me in record time. Bastards.

I have also tallied the votes for my new personalized tag, and I am going with R0X0R, so, if no one else has that, I'm home free and have a groovy new tag. I'll keep you up to date on that. OK, back to work. Bleh.

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