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I'm really stiff this morning. Probably because I lounged around in bed so much. Started a load of laundry. Shower, then RG for an hour of football. And chicken fingers. I'll be going in in my uniform. Sad, no?

Made decent money last night. Was kind of funny, since I was an hour late. Oops. I thought I was scheduled from 6-9, but it was 5-10. I walk in and M asks me why I'm an hour late.
"What do you mean? I'm five minutes early!"
"You were scheduled at 5."
"Bullshit. Really?"
I go run and look at the schedule.
"Oh crap. I'm sorry! I'm so used to being 6-9 on Fridays!"
"Just tell G that you had to stay late at your other job."
So, I go over to G and ask for my bank and he asks why I'm an hour late, and I tell him I thought I was scheduled 6-9.
"We figured you just had to stay late at your other job."
"No, I didn't go in today. My back was still sore."
"Am I in trouble?"
"Nah, we weren't slammed, so it's ok."
"You could have called you know."
"Yeah, but no big deal."

I love this place. :)

So, after work I went to 4th, had a slice and talked with A from corporate for a while. We talked about hiring practices, bleeding stomachs, HR debacles and Target. Good times. I left there and headed over to Congress for a free show. Pretty good stuff. I enjoyed Molehill Orchestra. I was more amused by all the willow dancers, though. They crack me up.

Left about midnight, came home, got the heating pad (lunarcamelI'll give it back soon, I swear!) and went to bed.

Let's hope that this stupid back fixes itself by Monday. I'll be going in early.

OH! I didn't tell you the best part of my night. I start the car up after a delivery and it's being all...well, not wanting to get going. Uh oh. Make it to a gas station. Got some gas, the low fuel light had just come on, and decided to check the oil. BONE FUCKING DRY. Threw a quart in, it's much better now. Guess the heat really does a number on the oil. Gotta keep an eye on that.

Ok, need to check on laundry and get showered and ready to go to watch some pigskin and then...work. I am actually scheduled 6-9 tonight. :)

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