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Ah, football

So, I just sat down at the bar at the RG. Had a nice spot to watch the UF/UT and the FSU/Clemson game. Ordered an iced tea and was just about to order my usual chicken fingers, when my phone rings. "The earlier you can come in, the better."
"Alright, I'll be there in ten minutes."

So, I tip Aribe and head out the door. No football for me. I catch a little ASU and UA action on the radio during the evening and Bobbie, bless her heart, was my own personal ticker for UF and FSU scoring.

I got to work and...it wasn't busy. Why the hell did he call me in early?
"Just to be prepared."


It did wind up getting busy about 7:30/8:00, but I was on the run from hell at 8. I took a triple. That usually will take me about 35-40 minutes. This one took almost an hour. I went from the store at Swan and Speedway to Craycroft and 5th, then headed to 4th and Forgeus (which is west of Country Club which is out of our delivery area) only to find that the address didn't exist. Then headed to Ft. Lowell and Columbus, then back to Swan/Speedway. As I'm approaching Speedway my phone rings. It's the chick I tried to deliver to on 4th. It's 10 blocks east of where I was told to go. So, I'm kind of nearby (not really) so I head over with her pizza. *sigh*

I get back and there are five deliveries left on screen. There was six when I left, which means that Mike took the other six while I was gone for a freaking hour. I take the last run, which is another triple, but they are all to the Sheraton. Kind of lucked out there.

I take the first one in, it's a fairly large order for a bunch of soccer kids. $10 tip, not too shabby. Then I head back to the car to get the other two deliveries for rooms on two different ends of the freaking hotel. By the time I finished that delivery, I was already gone for 30 minutes. FOR ONE DELIVERY! I ran my end of day, folded some boxes and left for the night. I'm still walking funny, but that's ok. I need to be at like 75% for Monday, so I'll probably just stay for 2 hours at brunch. Sitting for long periods of time seems to make things worse. Long enough to see Raising Arizona. :) :) :)

Ok, off to bed with me. Need to find something to read while I heat up my back.

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