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(no subject)  
05:48pm 18/09/2006
Waiting for my aunt to call me back so I can book the flight. I found a flight from here to West Palm for either $301 or $331, I'm going to let her decide. This way I can stay until Saturday. The cheapest tickets are gone for Southwest for Saturday, so it pushes the price up to that level. I'd honestly rather leave from Tucson than Phoenix. It will save me $25 and a half tank of gas, which is another $15. So, see, the price works out better. I just need to let her decide when she wants me to arrive. 3:10 or 9:05. I'd prefer the 3:10 myself. :)

That's also the more expensive ticket, but we'll see what she says.

HR lady came to see me today. She asked if I would be willing to work in the Document Control office. You may remember when I spoke about that particular office here. If not, I'll recap. It's where paperwork goes to die. I don't know why they need 3 people in there, but they feel that they do, so off I go. YAY! Of course, now that it's not so hot out, they put me in a room with a/c. :) I actually get to wear quasi business clothes for a few weeks. YAY!

This is great news for my back, gives me a chance to let it heal up completely. I'm going to try and go in early tomorrow morning to get some more OT, I didn't make it in early this morning, even though I got a lovely phone call at 4 a.m. from speranzosa. I guess her bunny woke her up. I couldn't get out of bed, having finally fallen asleep. I'll probably take a p.m. pill tonight to get me to bed before 9 p.m.

I'm debating going to grab some dinner or just have some mac and cheese here. But, I'm tied to here right now waiting for my aunt to call me back. It's only been an hour, should be another 30 minutes of wait time. *sigh*

I'm a bit trepidatious about my trip home. I can't wait to see the kids, my family and maybe even an old radio friend again. But I also know that being there will be a bit depressing in and of itself. I'll make the best use of my days there, though. Maybe convince Brandi to bring the kids down for a day. That might perk my mom up a bit. Take them to the beach or something. Have an ice cream cone. I'll also go through a lot of my shit while I'm there. I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of cleaning and what not. This time around, I don't mind so much.

Ok. Need to figure out dinner and sleep.
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(no subject)
03:35am 19/09/2006 (UTC)
Sign Here: roach killer
Too bad about dinner. I never saw your post or I would have brought you food. :(

Glad the work thing is better. Dude, office jobs are where it's at. Unless it's my office. My colleague next door found a mouse that had obviously died over the weekend and was pretty bloated when she accidentally brushed it with her foot. She's pretty big-wig -- brings in plenty of money, commands professionalism just by breathing -- and was suddenly reduced to sniveling, hyperventilating child. She looked a lot like me when I find a dead cockroach. I much prefer the mice, even though their toungues hang out when they're dead.

The Bunny. Well. He woke me up at 2:40, 3:50 (when I called you), 5:15, and 6:00 (when I finally got up and beat him -- just kidding!). It's as if he only needs sleep every other night... and doesn't realize that I don't work that way. So calling you was no big deal SINCE I WASN'T GETTING ANY SLEEP ANYWAY!!!

My plan tonight: wrap him in 2 big towels (aka, diapers), tie it with a bathrobe tie, and stick him in bed with me. This will either terrify or soothe him. Will report on results.
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(no subject)
04:13am 19/09/2006 (UTC)
I stopped reading for a minute after "tie it with a bathrobe" and was thinking OH NO!! DON'T HURT HIM!!


no worries on dinner, i managed to run out and get something before she called.
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