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Avast me hearties  
04:23pm 19/09/2006
Away with me to Document Control, where the fine papers go to die.

Dude, seriously, I almost fell asleep in there. Yes, it's air conditioned, which would have been great a month or two ago, but for the love of chris...IT'S SO SLOW AND QUIET.

They don't really talk to each other, save for a few quick remarks about what they are doing.
"Can you believe the engineers did this?"
"Of course I can. They are engineers."

*rolls eyes*

I am so wasted in there. I tried to make filing last for 20 minutes. I finished it in 5.

*bangs head on keyboard*

Ah well. It's only for a few weeks, and then we'll see where I am after that. Hopefully at a new job.

Plane tickets are bought, car is rented. My flight leaves 10/3 at 6 a.m. I'll be taking a cab for that one. But, if someone would like to pick me up Saturday, 10/7 around 9:30ish, I'd be forever grateful.

Ok, going to rest my back before work tonight. For some reason it's really acting up today. I blame E. Coli.

Oh, and my icon today...yeah, that was me at work.

AAAAAAHAHAHAAHAH Just noticed the "update" button. Hehehehehe.
mood: boredbored
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05:24am 20/09/2006 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Javelinas Rule
What's this update button you speak of?
picword: Javelinas Rule
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01:49am 21/09/2006 (UTC)
LocaKitty: Satchel Mocking
When you make a new post, the button you push.

picword: Satchel Mocking
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05:30am 20/09/2006 (UTC)
Lavra: sprayed developer
So I learned arms and shoulders with the client supine today. I can't do backs yet, but shoulders and a little bit necks. Want to be a practice body? I have time Friday evening and probably Sunday evening and Monday evening. What say ye?
picword: sprayed developer
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01:48am 21/09/2006 (UTC)
I work Friday, but perhaps we could fit each other in sunday or monday. whichever works best for you. :)
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