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(no subject)  
07:37pm 20/09/2006
This post at the Huffington Post is amusing at best.

Some guy went to the Roger Waters show and heckled him. Because he compared Bush to Bin Laden and Hussein.

All I can say is, be glad he didn't spit on you. You lucked out dude. I think I'll leave that as a comment over there :)
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(no subject)
02:49am 21/09/2006 (UTC)
Nihil Obstat
Like most Floyd fans, he's an idiot.

(So is Roger Waters, mind, but that's neither here nor there.)

For starters, he could at least bother to spell David Gilmour's name right.
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(no subject)
07:41am 21/09/2006 (UTC)
Stay immature and ridiculously moron forever.
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(no subject)
08:14pm 21/09/2006 (UTC)
dayakara: jardin
Sidestepping rushomancy's commentary, I'm going to see Waters on Saturday, and I can't wait!

Also I'm glad to hear that Waters hasn't become a baby boomer who's turned his back on his idealism and sixties values. Unfortunately the show's in Virginia, and there may be lots of people like the blogger there and who think dissent = treason.
picword: jardin
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(no subject)
08:48pm 21/09/2006 (UTC)
have fun at the show!

lucky dog you!
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