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Ok, seriously

Who gives tips in gift cards? Beyond Bread does. Buttheads.

$20 tip...in gift cards.

See, when you take a large order, you should split the tip with the cooks. After all, they did make the order, put all the other ones on hold to work on that particularly large one. A driver just takes the food out to the person. And puts wear and tear on the car, gets attacked by dogs and trips over rocks and what not in the dark because the asshat customer didn't turn the fucking porch light on. I digress.

Anyways, so I figured, ok, a $20 tip is probably what I'll get from these guys, it's a little over 20%, so this is good. And it's in freaking gift cards. I gave the gift cards to the HAM and told him to figure out a way to get something for everyone with it. BB is a bit expensive, so I don't think it'll go far. He told me to make sure I put it in my tip tracking. As a joke. I said, quite seriously, "I don't fucking think so."

Still had a pretty good night though. Busy busy busy. Actually had 1.5 hour delivery times. Only me and one other driver, so that is a good reason why. :)

I guess Thursday night is the night for pizza!

Ok, to bed.

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