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Friday Night

I called work about 4:45 and asked if they wanted me to come in early. They said they didn't have a driver. I said, "Ok, so do you want me to come in early?"
All I need is a yes or no answer. :)

So, I went in early, got there about 5:20 and the computers were being rebooted. For some reason they lost power for about an hour earlier in the day. Interesting. There were 8 deliveries on the screen, I took the 4 oldest ones I could. That was such a crappy run. Took me almost an hour to do, mainly because of traffic, and I only made $7 on that run. One guy in a dress completely stiffed me. Ok, it wasn't an actual dress, it was a dressing gown, like Ebenezer Scrooge wore. You know? All he was missing was the nightcap on his head that hung down to his knees or something. The check was written for the exact amount. The license number on it was the old one, where Arizona used your social security number. So, here I am with your SSN, your address, your birthdate and your phone number. And you don't tip me?

*raises eyebrow*


I get back and the other two drivers have shown up at this point so there are NO deliveries left. I'm a bit let down by this. Then the HAM asks if I want to run to 4th to do a dough trade. The dough we have isn't rising yet, so it's pretty much unusable. Remember that power outage? Yeah, that put a dent in the dough making for the day. That and the dough guy showed up about an hour and a half late. Hangover. Terrible thing. Then he remembers that my back is all screwed up, I say, they can carry it and you can carry it. I'm just driving it around. So I do. M came out with a tray and waited until the ham went back inside and said, "Why is he interfering with your making money?"
"Dude, there are NO deliveries right now."
"Yeah, tons of pick ups, no deliveries."

So, get there, grab some people to help me unload the three trays of dough in my car. I did wind up carrying one tray in. I heard some interesting popping noises from my spine. Nice, huh? Well, I couldn't wait around forever! This seems to be an issue with me, waiting for people. Anyways, head back to my store and I say, "Hey I got 2 trays of larges."

Turns out that didn't work very well. So, they had to pull a cook off the line to make dough for today. Stupid pizza. :)

So, didn't go on very many runs, but I really wasn't feeling it either. For some reason, I felt it Thursday night, but not Friday night. I just wanted to get out of there. I'm again flirting with the idea of temporarily doing full time there. We'll just have to see. I think I may put off most decisions until I get back from Florida.

So, I hooked up with M, C, M and F last night, and we all hung out and chatted and watched Weird Al's "White N Nerdy" and then the original Chamillionaire's "Ridin". Hilarious.

Then M and I watched some Animaniacs with a nice alcohol buzz going on and sang the Monkey Song.

It was a nicer end to a kind of crap work night.

We'll see what today brings.

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