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I'm sitting in the sun  
04:59pm 24/09/2006
It shines right into my living room where the loveseat is facing. It makes napping a tad difficult. I think I'm going to move the loveseat over to the merlot wall anyways. I'll have to see. After my back gets better. :)

Brunch was nice. Played the longest game of Scrabble(tm) ever. Next week it's on, footnotefetish, bring your A game.

I went with Matt and Frida to the Greek Festival after brunch and had some awesome food and entered into a raffle and a $5000 g/c to Home Depot drawing. Hopefully I'll win the gift card. I can get a new floor then! :)

I should clean out my car. Straighten the living room and the dining room. Figure out where to move furniture, organize paperwork and figure out my finances. But, I also just want to be lazy. To just be. Maybe I'll just clean out the car and see where that leads me. I have tomorrow night off, so I might just do some of that tomorrow after I get home from work. I think tonight might be an early to bed night.

Sometimes the problem with living alone is that you don't have certain distractions around and it leaves you with your thoughts a bit too much.

I'm just glad Vera doesn't talk, she'd probably just bitch at me for never being home. Silly cat.
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09:46pm 25/09/2006 (UTC)
Do I need to bring my A-game or should I bring it down a notch and bring my B-game so that you americans can keep up with the Swedish style ass-kicking? Just a humble qustion. Of course I'm being serious.

Oh and btw, "Don't let tzem get into the orange!" I was laughing so hard last night I think I wet my newly washed bed sheets. Izzard in bed is better than chocolate.
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