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Craft show hell

This weekend my dad entered into a craft show. The first that comes to most people's minds when you say the words "Craft Show" are those kitchy country decorations, sticks for the yard that have the family name on them with various snowmen, santas or easter bunnies on them. Well, it's true, it's all true. Those things are indeed present there. There were a few gems there that weren't "country kitsch", besides our lamps of course, there was an Indian guy there selling cds of his own playing the flute and keyboard. Very relaxing, some guy selling nautical themed goods, they could even be personalized (ooooohhhh). Fudge. Kettle corn. Wind chimes made from agate. But, for the most part, kitsch. Hey, it's crafts, we all need more junk in the house, ya know?
So, I set it up Friday afternoon/evening and then worked the stall all day Saturday (10-5). My mom and dad worked today as I had to go to my real job and work some there.

My boss left me a message on Friday. His father passed away Friday morning. He lives in the Bahamas, so I think that my boss shall be going over there, if he's not already there. Very sad. I'll be picking up the slack for him while he's gone. I'll actually be catching him up, as he was very far behind. (Four days actually) So, I did a bit of that today, for about 6 hours then came back home and tried to watch Vertigo. I can't get into right now. Too much on my mind. Overdrawn bank account (sucks), trip coming up, haven't received my insurance statement yet (I really need to pay that) and just general malaise. But, that's about it for now. So, yeah, if you want to look at some lamps here's the url: www.lampsbyfrancisco.com Not that I'm trying to plug it or anything (no pun intended). Right.

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