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Stayed late at work last night, about a half hour or so. No big deal. E, one of the drivers, apparently didn't know that you don't put metal in the microwave. I told M, the supervisor for the night, that he is a prime example of smoking too much weed. *shakes head*

M told M, the driver, what E had done and he said, "Oh my god, what a moron. I'm not helping him with shit tonight."

Those two don't like each other. I've noticed that there is a lot of tension between various employees lately. I think people are working too many hours there. Not enough employees or something. Who knows, I have a week off, I don't care. :)

My back is much better. There are slight twinges and it's still a little stiff, but I'm hoping that it will make it through my flights on Tuesday. I'm going to try and carry on as little as possible so that I'm not running through the Atlanta airport with cumbersome baggage.

I need to do some cleaning so that C and M aren't completely disgusted at the state of my apartment when they come to see Vera and give her food and pets. Gotta get kitty treats.

Had a good time at the RG last night. I was starving when I got there, so it was nice to get some chicken fingers in my system. Mmmm...honey mustard.

Ok, need to lay down and stretch my back out for a few minutes and then start on some cleaning. Tomorrow is laundry apocalypse day. Oof. I hope I can make it.

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