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Florida Politicians

So, Adam Hasner, state rep from Delray Beach (that's south of where I grew up) is calling on the Florida Department of Transportation to break its contract with Citgo because Hugo Chavez called Chimpy McFlightsuit a name AND because the Venezuelan government is an "institution seeking to destabilize America."

Yet, in the interview that I heard with him on NPR and in the many articles I have just read, he offers no clear examples of how calling Bush "the Devil" is going to destabilize America. I mean, hasn't the Bush regime called him a fascist dictator? (I really don't know, if someone can remember if they called Chavez some names, I'd be happy to read about that, link away my friends). Didn't they suggest that he be killed? He just called him a name. No big deal. It's school yard at best.

Anyways, what Hasner is failing to realize here is this: most, if not all, Citgo stations are INDEPENDENTLY OWNED BY AMERICAN CITIZENS. Yes, take a moment to read that. INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED. That means that they pay Citgo a fee for using their brand name. That's it. This isn't a Chevron which may be a franchise or a corporate store. It's a person who said, "Hey, I'd like to own my own business. I shall open a gas station."

Citgo, which was bought by the Venezuelan government and it still headquarted in Texas, offered discount fuel directly to American citizens who were too poor to afford the fuel being offered here in the U.S. Yes, that's a terrible terrible thing. According to one article that I read, the profits from Citgo go towards boosting the Venezuelan economy and helping all of the citizens get by. Terrible terrible things. Funnily enough, I haven't received one letter or email or text message from Unocal or Shell or any other oil company in the U.S. to ask, "Hey, how you doing? Gonna be able to get that mortgage payment next month? Tell ya what, we'll give a couple hundred so you can have some dinner and a roof over your head. Just our way of saying, "Thanks for buying our gasoline.""

Yeah, haven't seen that yet.

So, I say, BUY CITGO FUEL. BUY LOTS OF IT. Seriously.

And Hasner, I bet he participated in the Freedom Fry nonsense. The only smart thing I read in these articles about him is this: Hasner, who drives a gas-saving hybrid vehicle, said Chavez' speech is another reason why the United States should reduce its foreign oil dependence by developing alternative fuels.

Well, half smart. Chavez' speech is NOT a reason we should be developing alternative fuels. Dependance on foreign oil, however, is a good reason.

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