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Driving home

Today was a nice day.

I woke up early so I decided to make the most of it and tackle the laundry apocalypse, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, I still have to fold it. I would have folded it right away, but I had to get to brunch.

My ass was handed to me by solcell in Scrabble. She got a bingo. :|

Left brunch, came home and didn't feel like handling laundry still, so I goofed off for a while after stopping to get a key made and getting kitty treats for Vera. Watched some Eddie Izzard and napped. Headed for pizza to have a slice and do the crossword. Met up with M and ran into B who then brought J to join M and I for ice cream at the DQ. mmmm blizzard.

On the way home, the car in front of me swerved. I saw what he was swerving to miss: a cd book. I made my way around the block, waited for the red light, "ran" into the street and grabbed it.

When I get back from Florida I'll make a few postings in tucson and CL. we'll see if anyone claims it. It has quite the interesting selection in it.

Ok,so, have to fold clothes, make the bed and then go to bed. I shouldn't have napped, it's gonna be hard for me to fall asleep.

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