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The travel and the party

So, didn't go to bed. Stayed up all night. Got packed and only forgot 1 thing: my dad's birthday present that I got for him about eight months ago. The soundtrack to Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I'll just have to mail it down.

So, called the cab around 2 and my driver was very nice. He wasn't wearing shoes. I found that amusing. We chatted about airport security and when we got to the airport he thanked me for the $4 tip I gave him, "Well, I'm a delivery driver, so I know how it is."
"You should have mentioned that earlier, we could have talked about that. Your job is much more dangerous than mine. Not to mention using your own car and all that (bear in mind, the cab's brakes were squealing and the check engine light was on). More power to you for handling a job like that."

He wished me a safe trip and I was on my way. To wait in line. You would think at 4:15 in the morning that there wouldn't be a line and you'd be right. There were 2 other people in front of me and we chatted about travel and security (big topic at 4 in the morning) and one of the gentleman waiting was talking about having to throw out a large cup of coffee because you couldn't take liquids through. The counter agents arrive and we move up to the kiosks (which were shut off, which is why we were waiting that and we all had bags to check) and handle our business. I get through security and the guy in front of me is pulled aside while one agents yells out, "Full male!" Hope it didn't hurt too much.

I have a nasty cold bagel and a hot coffee (it was from Ike's, I thought of speranzosa and then was going to try and use the airport's wifi, but I couldn't get it to let me connect to anything on the internets. So, I started reading one of the books I bought at Bookman's, but I had already read it. :(

So, I sat and waited and watched people and listened to metal detectors go off and then finally it was time to board. I was unhappy about having to sit in a middle seat and hoped that the flight wouldn't be too full. I got in line when my zone was called and heard them ask a man if he was comfortable with handling the duties of the emergency exit and he said no. I jumped at the chance to take his seat. I said I was comfortable with that, anything for three extra inches. Yay! Window seat! My row partner slept through most of the flight and I watched The Devil Wears Prada. Glad I didn't "pay" for it.

Landed in Atlanta, and I was reminded of why I disliked Atlanta, the smoking lounge is VERY DEPRESSING. I called Bobbie and chatted with her, while I was on the phone, someone was trying to get me to sign up for an American Express card. Yeah, that's what I need, more debt. I moved on and Bobbie asked, "What the hell? Are you at the student union?"
"No, there isn't anyone selling pussy scented incense or Bob Marley posters."
"That's good."

She may be visiting on Friday. We'll see.

So, I get on the next plane and luck out with no one sitting in the middle seat again. I forgot I had a window seat for this flight. Yay! You could buy movies to watch, but the flight was so short that there really was no point. I watched a little tv, listened to a little music and then finally slept for about a half hour. I kept waking up though because my mouth was open. I need to get one of those neck pillows.

Land in WPB and I swear I can smell the ocean. I know it's all in my head though. I go to the rental car counter and they tell me I can upgrade for 50% off. Ok, how much more will it be? $50. For a convertible? Thank you, drive thru, I'll be taking that. That's right kiddies, I'm driving a Sebring convertible around town. There is actually room in the backseat. I would prefer a Mustang, but, hey, you take whatever convertible you can get. :)

Head to my aunt's new house, it's huge. Then we go to birthday party. They make me wait outside so as to make it a huge surprise. I walk in about 5 minutes later. "Hey, where's the party?"

Tears and hugs, everyone is surprised. My parents were very happy to see me. :) It's nice to see everyone again. It's also nice to know that everyone is this happy to see me. I like having all this positive attention :) :) :)

Pictures of the party are here. I have a few videos, too.

Happy Birthday in Espanol to my dad
more dancing
some more dancing.

Great time. My aunts hired mariachis for my dad, they were great. :) :) :)

Today I spent the day with my parents, tomorrow the twins, Dave and one of my other cousins. Who knows what the rest of the week holds?

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