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So, I'm in the Atlanta airport, paying $5 for 24 hours of internet access. Funny, huh? Yeah, I'm here for another 90 minutes. What a bargain. Whatever, I needed something to do. So, I'm hanging in IRC for the next hour. They changed my gate number, and that's ok, it works out better. I'm not near my gate though. I'll head down there 30 minutes before scheduled flight departure, because right now I'm next to an outlet and the smoking lounge.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Atlanta smoking lounge it is probably one of the most depressing places on earth. It's true. You walk in and are hit with this cloud of smoke. Everyone in there just looks like they've been through hell. Granted, flying is no picnic, but c'mon people! This time around it's not as depressing. Tuesday I felt like I was sitting in there with a bunch of zombies. Today people seem to be a bit more lively.

Had breakfast with my parents and hung out for a while with them. Took the convertible back, that was really hard, and then got ready to go on my flight. Flight was half empty, I had the whole row to myself. Played some trivia with my co-passengers, went back to reading my book and listening to delta radio. Good times. Hopefully this flight will be just as empty and I can stretch out and relax and read and be happy.


Oh, and FSU lost :( :( :(

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