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Interview and testing

Took off early from the warehouse to head to the temp agency. Rocked my tests. 81 wpm, 14K+ on the 10-key, 14K+ on alpha numeric.


So, after discussing some things with my parents and obtaining a small loan, they encouraged me to quit. My father said I shouldn't even give notice, but I told him that I had stated that I would give notice if/when I decided to quit. I don't go back on my word.

So, yesterday afternoon, after finally contacting people at temp agency and setting up the appointment for today, I headed for HR lady's office and told her I was putting in my two weeks. She didn't looked very shocked or surprised, instead she had this look on her face like "I knew it." It kind of pissed me off. Of course, if she had been an effective HR person, this wouldn't have happened, now would it? Anynoodles, she said that they would be sad to see me go, blah blah blah. Yeah right. You don't like people who rock the boat, and I rocked it. A lot. Asshats.

Since I am not available until the 23rd for new employment, the staffing dude said that they could definitely market my skills out to some of their clients. He seems fairly sure that I will have an assignment for that Monday. Let's hope so. :)

To further improve upon the day, I went into pizza after my interview, which was 2.5 hours of testing and talking and clocked in early. The HAM says, "So, I didn't find this out until yesterday, but we're having a staff party at Bedroxx tonight."
"So, we're closing at 7."

We closed to the not so soothing sounds of the phones ringing. We weren't allowed to answer them. Now I'm home and writing this, then I'll check a few more things online and then I'll get dressed and go drink for free and play video games with pizza coworkers.


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