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(no subject)  
09:55pm 11/10/2006
I stayed home today. Think I partied a little too hard last night. I had fun though. No hangover, not that shocking since the drinks were terribly watered down, but hey, you get what you pay for.

Hung out with Char this evening, then met up with Matt and Frida. Played Battleship, I only won 3 games. Char is good at that game. :)

Then I strayed from my usual peanut butter cup blizzard and had the peanut butter butterfinger blizzard. It is still no match for my peanut butter cup blizzard.

I am going to go to bed soon so I can actually go to work tomorrow. It's funny that I am slightly worried about what they must think about me missing all these days all the time now, but at the same time, I just don't care. I have finally reached the point where I don't give a shit about that job, and I really wish they would just excuse me from working there the rest of the week. Then I could just go work extra hours at pizza until I get a job at the temp place.

Maybe I'll luck out tomorrow. I mean, I *did* try a new blizzard flavor. :)
mood: calmcalm
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(no subject)
05:06am 12/10/2006 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Javelinas Rule
I think it's great that you played Battleship after eating at Nico's.
picword: Javelinas Rule
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(no subject)
05:15am 12/10/2006 (UTC)
you just wanted to make a link, didn't you?
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