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Saturday 3:30 p.m.

You will be at the RG ready to watch football (UF v Auburn, we are cheering for Auburn), drink a few beers, eat some fried food and just...relax.

I <3 relaxing. I am going to hurry up and do things (like get an oil change) and then relax.

The ham asked me why I needed Saturday off and I told him, "Football."
"Yes. Football."
"Ok, I'm going to tell Adam that I am going to take off every day there is a Red Sox game. That's 162 days."
"Um, one day versus 162 days is quite different AND I'm not the boss, so I don't have to be here."

Somehow word has gotten out at the warehouse that I am leaving. What's funny though, is that I'm apparently going to be working at Raytheon. I really wish I would stop being the last person to know.

I think I threw my back out again playing air hockey at the Wench last night.

One of my coworkers is playing with his band at the Wench next Saturday.

I think I am going to go to the blues festival at Reid Park on Sunday instead of the Tucson Meet Yourself thingie.

I took two muscle relaxers, I hope they work.

I stayed 45 minutes late tonight to help out the closing driver. When I left, he only had dishes left to do, and not that many.

I really hope things start working out for me. I think part of my back issues is just too much stress.

I miss the twins again.

I need to reorganize the house. This is mostly just a way to reorganize my life, but moving furniture is a bit easier than moving your life around.

I was listening to my supervisor talk to his girlfriend tonight on the phone, I wouldn't mind hearing some of the things that he was saying to her being said to me by someone I'm screwing.

Of course, you have to be screwing someone first for that to happen.

Need to work on that.

Ok, bed, Vera is ready for her evening pets.

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