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Note to self  
11:20am 14/10/2006
Find coupons for oil changes. ouch.

At least it's done. I was going to clean out the car and what not today, but I think laying here and resting my back is a bit better of an idea than that. At least I finally brought the crockpot in from the car.

A post by benlinus about getting music from the library started me thinking about piracy. How is borrowing music from the library and making copies of it not piracy? You aren't paying for it, unless you are late returning it, but that money doesn't go to the artist either. And a lot of those CDs were donated to the library, I'm sure. So...how is that ok but not downloading from the internet?
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07:54pm 14/10/2006 (UTC)

If they could figure out a way to make music uncopiable, they would, but they can't, so YAAAAAAAAR.

I miss Napster.

Fucking "artists" wanting to get paid. Nobody should be paid to make music. That's why commercial radio sucks now. Money is corruptive.
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12:27pm 17/10/2006 (UTC)
Nihil Obstat
Borrowing music from the library and making copies of it _is_ piracy. Remember "Home Taping Is Killing Music"?
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