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Char and I managed to wrangle them up and get them corraled into a carrier. It looks like two boys and a girl. The girl seems to be in the best shape of the three. The boys had some sort of eye thing going on. I don't know if it was an infection or just bad cleaning or what. So, I had a warm dishtowel and managed to clean the crusties away. They can see now. Apparently, Char is bonding with them. I am jealous! :)

I am going to see if maybe Vera will be cool with the girl kittie. If she is, her name shall be Loretta. So named from The Beatles' song "Get Back".

Get back Loretta
Your mama's waitin' for you
In her high heel shoes
And a low neck sweater
Get on home Loretta.

I am a total tool.


I said bye to Pete today, since he won't be there tomorrow. I think things are over with his current girlfriend. Uh, she's being a megamegauberbitch to him right now. I don't blame him. Part of me wonders if it's stress and part of me wonders if it's her true colors. I never really liked her that much anyways. She used to work at the warehouse. :) Anyways, I gave him my number and told him to call if he ever needed to vent or needs a ride to the airport. He's a good guy.

I thought I made OMG good tips tonight, but I wasn't very smart and forgot to give back the bank they give you when you start your shift. Oops. So, $20 less than I thought I made. Hehe. That kind of sucked giving that back. Oh well. :)

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