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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Last day at warehouse. Very fake HR lady, sincere coworkers and no good bye from BR.
Pizza was ok. Got out at a reasonable time, made ok money. Had drinks with peeps. Good times.

Woke up early for some ungodly reason. Futzed around. Brunch at Molly G's with Char. New kitty. Thrift store, new skirt and toe stocks with Mariah. Psuedonap. New kitty. Pizza job. Deadzone at the Surly Wench. Creepy guys, not smooth guys, fun guys and fun times. Stayed out entirely too late.

Brunch. Considering cancelling showing of Red State. Can't show on TVs in the cafe. Shouldn't be too big of a problem, though. We'll see. Played scrabble in Spanish. Terrible at it. Home. New kitty. Goofed around. Grocery store. Spent too much. Pizza for dinner. Ice cream with Mariah. Home.

I am debating taking an LJ break for a while. I need to refocus my energies somewhat. We'll see what happens.

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