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Loretta has taken to attacking the stuffed cow on my loveseat. It's quite cute. It's even better that it's not my foot she's attacking.

Had an interview today. I should find out by the end of the week. I also saw an ad on CL for an admin assistant. I'll send out a cover letter tomorrow. It looks like a fairly easy job with pretty good pay.

Loretta is understanding litterbox now. That's good. I've been letting her down from the bed so she can have some roaming of the house. Vera is very not amused. Vera currently has her back turned to me because she hates me right now. I did give her a good brushing yesterday. just want her to know that she's still number one in my book. Ok, the cuteness right now is too overwhelming. Seriously, head explosion is afoot.

If i get this job that I interviewed for today, it starts on the 6th. I hope I can handle another week of unemployment. I'm driving myself crazy.

I am definitely doing laundry tomorrow. It has reached massive proportions. Seriously. It's ridiculous.

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