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Liberal Media  
11:27pm 25/10/2006
This is from a while ago, but Air America is under bankruptcy reorganization. Rush and his cohorts were all over this. "See. Liberals can't have radio. There isn't a market for it."

And people were agreeing. "Yes, liberals tend to get their news and information from the internet. Conservatives prefer radio. Liberals are very dry, they use all these statistics, etc. Conservatives are more anecdotal."

Um. Ok. See, I went out and bought Sirius so I *could* listen to Air America. Mainly to listen to Randi Rhodes since I was on the other coast and couldn't get the station in anymore. Then they moved to XM and I refused to get XM. No job where I can listen to her at work, so I've missed listening to that station. I used to listen to The Majority Report, also.

So, I got to thinking, what is a good rebuttal to the whole internet vs. radio thing. Perhaps liberals don't listen to as much radio because it's full of hateful hosts. Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura, Bill O' Reilly and let's not forget Michael Savage.

I don't want to listen to people screaming over each other or someone just saying the most inanely stupid things. I want to listen to discourse and discussion. So, I started listening to NPR. What amuses me about NPR is that a lot of the people that I worked with at the warehouse said it was "too liberal." Yeah, Hugo Chavez is going to be on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me* this week. Give me a break. It is not liberal. It's not conservative either. I think it's fairly moderate with a bit of a leaning towards conservative. Unless you are listening to This American Life which is just about homeless drag queens* anyway. I *love* NPR but I also preferred a lot of the time to listen to Air America.

So, I hope that they can come out of bankruptcy and get back in there. I hope that they open an affiliate in Tucson. And I wish people would pull their head out of their asses with their assumptions that someone who leans liberal just prefers to get information from the internet. Maybe that's because that's the only noncombative outlet we have to get information.

*special thanks to bleech_ and salome for these funny ideas.
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