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So much for voted ID  
01:45am 04/11/2006
I went to vote early today. I showed my registration card, they asked me to verify my birthdate and that was it. No ID check.

Went to work, there were FIVE drivers including myself. I made $8. Such crap. I wound up leaving a little early. I go there early, too, so I at least got some hours in.

I *finally* got a call from the temp agency. I'll be starting Monday at a ridiculous pay for customer service for some crap clothing catalog. I remember getting some of their catalogues in the mail. Terrible clothing. *sigh* It's a true temp gig, only through December. Let's hope something else comes along in the interim. Of course, it's from 8-5, so I'll have to miss work for interviews.

Headed to 4th for a slice and a beer before D's going away party. Hung out with the ham and then Brian for a bit and then the ham and I headed over. I remember why I don't really do parties anymore. By the time we left, there was a group of guys near the kitchen throwing a wine bottle around trying to break it. Yeah. I don't do keggers anymore for a reason. So, now I'm home. Time for bed and sleeping and then tomorrow more working. I may skip brunch on Sunday, I'm still deciding.
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04:55pm 04/11/2006 (UTC)
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You mean you're going to skip brunch with that other brunch group, don't you?

Congratulations on the temporary gig. At least it will take off some of your job-search anxiety until December. I still haven't gotten a call from those crazy people at Borders. How could they not want to hire me? At least I have a temporary job dog-sitting. Dogs are fucking cool.

You should hang out with potheads more often. They might spend the night figuring out how they can drill a hole in a wine bottle, but that's usually as destructive as they get. Actually, I guess you could consider that constructive, depending on how you look at it.
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06:24am 05/11/2006 (UTC)
I know how to drill a hole in a wine bottle.
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