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All Souls, Guy Fawkes and Periscopes

First, April came over and helped arrange the apartment. I think it flows a little nicer now. We even framed and hung some pictures.

Then, I got ready to go to the All Souls down on 4th. Char came over and we headed towards the fun. Met up with Joe and Bryan at the pizza and had some beers and slices and watched all the people walk around. The procession was getting ready to start, so I hurried up and paid the bill. Our server wasn't very good, but she's still new, so I cut her a little bit of slack. We had already gotten our pizza by the time these people who had been sitting there for about 30 minutes finally got their order taken. (by the way, Loretta is attempting to eat my hand as I type this)

So, procession starts. This is my second time watching this parade, and it's truly the only parade I have ever enjoyed that I can recall. I think because it doesn't have the homecoming queen or the mayor or anything like that, it's just people. Just people who may have titles in their everyday lives, but we don't know because they aren't there for them, they are to remember those who have passed on. I almost started crying about halfway through. Maybe next year I'll let the tears come. I really almost lost it when they set the urn on fire at the end of the night. That really made something inside me go, maybe because I put some names in this year. Next year it will be more than a hastily scribbled list.

Saw Mariah as a fabulous angel. I have some pictures behind the cut of my favorite "float" and Mariah and the moon. :)

you can go to http://photos.yahoo.com/locakitty to see the rest in the All Souls 2006 album. Once they are done uploading that is.


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