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Political Ennui or Relief?

I read through a lot of the props that passed and who won what seat this morning. I even listened to some of the election coverage on NPR last night. And I was saddened. I was let down by the people in this state for the language, bail and meth conviction propositions. I understand *why* people voted yes for the early education thing, but I voted no. I am tired of being treated like a pariah and then at the same time being told that I need to pay for all of these things with my taxes. Like prisons, healthcare and now education. Isn't that what Head Start was for? Won't this just be another failure?

I'm glad that the ads will be over, of course, I'll be jonesing for a smoke most of the time. I guess I really will be quitting smoking. It's going to be almost $6 a pack now. That's just ridiculous. No more bumming them out anymore either. Sheesh.

They put us on the phones today at the call center where the temp agency placed me. It's not too difficult, but we aren't fully functional yet, so we are kind of running around in circles trying to figure out what to do. Also, no cursing/foul language on the floor. *sigh* I have to really clean up my mouth now. Loretta is healthy but is having authority issues. I hear it took two people to hold her down while she got her nails clipped. That's my girl. :)

What do I want for dinner?

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