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Political Ennui or Relief?  
06:15pm 08/11/2006
I read through a lot of the props that passed and who won what seat this morning. I even listened to some of the election coverage on NPR last night. And I was saddened. I was let down by the people in this state for the language, bail and meth conviction propositions. I understand *why* people voted yes for the early education thing, but I voted no. I am tired of being treated like a pariah and then at the same time being told that I need to pay for all of these things with my taxes. Like prisons, healthcare and now education. Isn't that what Head Start was for? Won't this just be another failure?

I'm glad that the ads will be over, of course, I'll be jonesing for a smoke most of the time. I guess I really will be quitting smoking. It's going to be almost $6 a pack now. That's just ridiculous. No more bumming them out anymore either. Sheesh.

They put us on the phones today at the call center where the temp agency placed me. It's not too difficult, but we aren't fully functional yet, so we are kind of running around in circles trying to figure out what to do. Also, no cursing/foul language on the floor. *sigh* I have to really clean up my mouth now. Loretta is healthy but is having authority issues. I hear it took two people to hold her down while she got her nails clipped. That's my girl. :)

What do I want for dinner?
mood: disappointeddisappointed
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What you want for dinner:
03:23am 09/11/2006 (UTC)
Babies. You'll reduce your taxes by taking care of those early ed freeloaders.

I voted no on that one, too. Though I'm not a smoker, I'm not comfortable with the increasing discrimination smokers are facing.
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Re: What you want for dinner:
05:01am 09/11/2006 (UTC)
Sign Here
It's amazing that it's taken less than a generation to turn an activity, smoking, into an identity: a smoker.
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(no subject)
06:02am 09/11/2006 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Good Coffee
Word. Hunters leave lead bullets near lakes, river, and ditches. That shit causes brain damage (which might explain why I always have to use swear words when I write and speak). Why don't we tax the fuck out of their bullets to make up for the bureaucratic inefficiencies (and subsequent budget downfalls) of our schools and other institutions? That's what I'm fuckin' saying. Smokers are constantly being demonized. Why don't we target everyone whose activities have health consequences to innocent bystanders?
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(no subject)
06:10am 09/11/2006 (UTC)

harumph harumph harumph
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(no subject)
05:50am 09/11/2006 (UTC)
wow, CA had a cig tax and it didn't pass here. wouldn't have thought AZ would pull it off.
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(no subject)
11:52am 09/11/2006 (UTC)
$6 a pack is ridiculous.
J (my man who smokes and is not just smokin' if you know what I mean) had an argument with some beurocrat once about the cigarette tax. It went like:

You're saying you're taxing the cigarettes because it's unhealthy (and that was their stance). Thusly, people will smoke less and be healthier creating less of a burden on the health system? So all the high fat foods have been shown to cause obesity and heart problems etc. So why not tax the hell out of McDonald's and alike. People will eat less and become healthier thus reducing the burden on our health system."

They gave a lame response that didn't really answer anything. I don't know how your state is, but J for a while was able to mail order cigarettes by the carton that was a million times cheaper than he could get them here. Now the tax caught up to that too and they are obligated to charge Maine tax. I don't know how many other states have gotten tough with mail order cigs.

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(no subject)
04:32am 10/11/2006 (UTC)
I could easily go to the Indian reservation or to Mexico, but, honestly, it's just easier to quit smoking.

I'd rather do that than pay for all that gas to get to those places.
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