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There is something I don't like about this job, besides the fact that it's a call center. I don't have enough distraction. I can read in between calls, which is nice, but I can't read online, which means that I can't read the news. Given that it's even more political blah blah and Britney/Kevin nonsense, this is also a good thing. I take the newspaper in and work on the games in the classified section, but at the end of the day, I'm just left with this feeling of, I don't know how to explain it, but it's like I've been cooped up all day and I need to let some aggression go. But, I lack the energy. Does that make sense? I almost fell asleep at the wheel lsat night and tonight during pizza job.

I think I may talk to the ham about a schedule change. He has way too many drivers now on the weekends and it just isn't busy enough. I think I'll ask him for a M-Th 6-9 or 10 shift. That means no hanging out during the week, but it leaves my weekends free, which is almost a novelty at this point.

Tonight wasn't a great night at pizza. Of the 3 deliveries I took (yes, three) two of them had erroneous information on the ticket. The first one said it was to be delivered to the Arico Spa in the Park Mall. That should have read Aeropostale. It's a good thing I knew who the guy on the ticket was and why he was getting 50% off. That was the only reason I pieced it together. I felt like a freaking detective. I get back to the store and take the next one which is north of River on Alvernon. No problem. I wanted to double check to make sure that it was Alvernon Way, because it wasn't on the ticket, but lo and behold the phone number is wrong. Great. So, I decide to go for it, since they gave the cross streets as Dodge and River and I figured, hey, I can always call the store and see if they've called in about their pizza. So, I head up the road and turn into a driveway. Wrong house. I was on the wrong number block. No problem. I couldn't see the house number from the road because apparently people have issues with making their fucking house numbers visible. *sigh* I keep heading north and finally arrive at the address on the ticket. There is a lady in the driveway and she looks REALLY confused as to why I'm there. "Isn't this blah blah Alvernon Way?"
"Yes, but we just got back from dinner. No one here ordered a pizza."
"Oh, it says this address and the name la la la."
"Ohhhh, la la la is that house over there at blah blah blah."
"Great, thanks! sorry for the confusion."
"No problem!"

I head to that address that she's given me. No, that's not it either. I confused yet another family as to why someone is knocking on their door at 7:15 at night. I head back down the driveway and go to the next one. Finally! THE CORRECT ADDRESS!!! I verify all the information with the guy there and give him his pizza. He tips me ok, which was nice of him. Considering I was late with his order. But I guess telling him I had all the wrong information made him feel bad or something.

I'm already upset that I've now spent about 45 minutes delivering this order. Seriously. I go to open my car door and break a nail. Dammit. I start heading back for the store and I'm just seeing red. Both of my screwed up info tickets were taken by the same person in the store. I'm getting really upset with her. I'm getting really irritated by many of the people in that store. I don't want to take out my irritation on them, because I know some of it isn't there issue, it's my issue, but getting the wrong information TWICE is just ridiculous. I was telling one of the other drivers and he said he already had one wrong that night. Wrong address. At least the phone number worked properly.

When I got back, I changed the info on the ticket and asked the ham to fix the phone number since I don't have the authorization to change the phone number. Then, I noticed that some deliveries were ready and that the other driver was still in the store.
"There are deliveries up." I tell him and he then proceeds to get into a conversation with the ham and the supervisor for the night. I'm standing there feeling the ire rise and finally there is a break in the conversation and I say, "Hey, there are deliveries up. Are you going to take them?"
"Sure thing. Is blah blah up?"
"I don't really know. I just know there are tickets that say delivery and they are in there."

This guy NEVER shuts up. He always has a comment to make on whatever you say. Even if you are talking to someone else. I'm getting really aggravated with him. Most people in the store are, actually.

Finally he leaves and then the ham leaves and then R tells me to go ahead and run my paperwork for the night. Then the fuck up queen asks me for a ride home. I tell her I'm not leaving quite yet because I still have duties to do. I manage to string it out long enough until she finally tells me she got a ride home. Thank god. I didn't want to give her a ride. I was really not liking her tonight. Me and my $8. I tipped out the other cooks, but not her. I was that upset.

Spending the rest of the evening with Char, Matt and 'Tron really elevated my mood. Let's hope I can stay up the rest of the weekend.

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