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How May I Help You?

I was pulled aside today with two other coworkers from the temp agency. The other two women that were pulled aside are pretty good at what we've been thrown in to and I think that I'm pretty good myself. So, I'm wondering, "Hey, maybe he's going to offer some permanent employment." No.

It was to remind us how to leave notes, don't send him supervisor calls (which I have not done, by the way) and something else, I started tuning him out near the end. I don't know if he pulled all of the temps aside, but I'm little irked by this.

You freaking gave us shit training and now you are wondering why we have to keep asking questions all the time and are just reshipping items out. TELL US WHAT YOU WANT US TO DO AND HOW TO FREAKING DO IT AND THERE YOU GO IT WILL GET DONE. It's called don't give us 2 days of training with inadequate equipment.


I need ice cream.

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