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Don't listen to me

I have decided that no one should listen to me. Ever. Seriously. (I will explain again why, as I had written this all out but I mistakenly erased it. Dumbass.)

See, I say things that I am going to do, and then, change my mind and decide not to do them and then people ask me, "Hey, didn't you want to do this?" And then I have to explain, that yes, I did want to do that, but I changed my mind, now I want to do this thing over here.

For example:

1) I went to college to be an english teacher originally, but decided that I didn't want to spend the next 25 years of my life trying to get kids excited about The Odyssey. So I switched to Communications.

2) I decided to do advertising or PR. So, I begin taking classes to that effect. Then I decide that I don't want to do that because I would have to dress up for work.

3) So, I decide to do radio. I intern for the college station and for a summer here at home. I am offered a position in promotions after the end of the summer, but I turn it down to finish my education.

4) I finish my degree, with my minor in business (because, really, there was nothing else going on there with that kind of useless degree) and work in a bookstore for a year. I decide, hey, I could be a manager, that would be interesting. But, no go, they won't give me the job. So I leave.

5) I decide to move back home. I am now going on two years at this "medical billing" job with no room for advancement and no prospects. So, I decide, "I'll move to Arizona."

6) The problem with this is: a)I will be away from the twins, and since it will probably be a looooong time (if ever) that I have kids, I would like to spend as much time with them as possible; b)my life wouldn't really change any. I'd still be sitting at home with the cat (maybe two at this point) eating cereal or mac & cheese out of the pot it was cooked in watching VH1 or Trio and wondering why I don't have a social life, then go to bed and read more Terry Pratchett novels.

7) So, I decide that I will start my business here. Come hell or highwater. So, I go look for the SBA, can't find it. Give up. Then I decide, ok, I'll get my MBA.

8) So, now I'm in the process of applying for financial aid and admissions for getting my MBA through the University of Phoenix. Sounds like a great time.

Let's see how long I stick with this one.

So, if you can see, that even I've noticed that I should not be trusted with things that I say. Maybe I just need a good smack in the head or something. Now I'm rambling. But, hey, it's what I'm good at. :)

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