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"That girl is a bitch."  
01:11am 26/11/2006
I took all of one delivery tonight.


So, left work after 45 minutes or so and headed to Rye's house to help with hanging up some things in the home. I am her boyfriend after all, for things of this nature anyways. Then met up with Bryan, Jenny B, Matt and Andrew at the 'pies for some beers and pizza and dessert. Yum!

We got to see some very interesting characters while we were on 4th. Four "girls" who were proclaiming someone inside of being a bitch and then came out with their free slice certificates. I hope they tipped. Then I got to meet Matt, a drag queen, while I was inside settling up the bill. He tooks his breasts and wig off while he was waiting to pay for his bill. Nice guy.

Then to my place with the above mentioned and the ham for hookah and Scrabble(tm). Everyone loves Loretta. Because she's so cuddly. And bitey.

Then I met another neighbor. Drunk Guy. He also plays World of Warcraft which I got to find out. Very exciting. *rolls eyes* Very uncomfortable silences in there. Nothing like a drunk guy to ruin some good convos. I never made it to cooking training today, I was too busy being lazy. I guess I needed it.

Glad I got to hang with everyone tonight. Please forgive the messy house. :)
mood: tipsytipsy
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