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Burn out  
03:23pm 30/11/2006
Ok, so I forgot to actually discuss this when I wrote the other post. The burn out.

I was listening to NPR while I got my car washed and they were discussing Burn Out. I guess there is an article or a new book called Can't Get No Satisfaction. It's about burnout. I guess the author thinks it should be put into the DSM or something.

Then, they spoke to someone else who mentioned that there were a few versions of burn out such as, boredom or extreme stress. Then I began to wonder, is my boredom with some of the jobs I've had because of burn out? Or is it because of true boredom. Then again, I haven't really had a job where I felt like I was actually being challenged.

Have you had burnout?
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10:43pm 30/11/2006 (UTC)
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I had a bad case of burnout when I was working for Sherwin-Williams. Actually, I think a lot of people who work for that company have a bad case of burnout. It's a pretty thankless job.
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11:11pm 30/11/2006 (UTC)
Totally. I work at a help desk, been taking the same damn calls for 3 years. I ran out of sympathy for them sometime in the first 6 months. I am utterly incapable of gladhanding them through anything. I have a sense of justice though, so if they were really screwed over I'll go to bat for them. But if that New Hire Request you put in yesterday for the fellow who starts tomorrow when you know full well that the lead time is two weeks hasn't been acknowledged? Too bad, so sad, now get the hell off my phone.
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11:19pm 30/11/2006 (UTC)
YES! Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

It drives me nuts when someone orders some outfit for a party in five days and doesn't pay extra for the overnight. If you need it THAT badly, GET IT OVERNIGHTED!
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12:07am 01/12/2006 (UTC)
Usually by the time Christmas has come I'm burnt out and I need to take a few days off or I'll surely go ape on someone.
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