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Burn out  
03:23pm 30/11/2006
Ok, so I forgot to actually discuss this when I wrote the other post. The burn out.

I was listening to NPR while I got my car washed and they were discussing Burn Out. I guess there is an article or a new book called Can't Get No Satisfaction. It's about burnout. I guess the author thinks it should be put into the DSM or something.

Then, they spoke to someone else who mentioned that there were a few versions of burn out such as, boredom or extreme stress. Then I began to wonder, is my boredom with some of the jobs I've had because of burn out? Or is it because of true boredom. Then again, I haven't really had a job where I felt like I was actually being challenged.

Have you had burnout?
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12:07am 01/12/2006 (UTC)
Usually by the time Christmas has come I'm burnt out and I need to take a few days off or I'll surely go ape on someone.
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