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10:44am 02/12/2006
We were slammed last night. It was ridiculous. And wound up calling in a driver because "Opie" had a flat tire. Now, here's the amazing part to me. Opie is in the store for two hours and he's doing the dishes, making boxes and occasionally running the back of the oven. And yet, for some reason, when it comes time for me to do my end of day, there is still a huge mound of dishes and at least four rows of boxes to fold. Why is this? Why wasn't this caught up in two hours?

Bunch of fucking slackers.


I go in in an hour for some cooking time and then I'll be driving later tonight. I need some breakfast before I go in, maybe I'll get some pancakes. Mmmm pancakes. Actually, that sounds really good. I better get ready now, then.

Right, so, work work work, drinks with Brian and Lisa, popped into Grill to see some other kids and now work work work. Tomorrow brunch and Ikea.

mmmmm swedish meatballs.
mood: hungryhungry
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