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Monday, Monday  
09:16pm 04/12/2006
Yesterday was groovy. Went to Ikea, had some meatballs and got some picture frames. Yay! Spent the afternoon with April there, she was on a mission to get xmas stuff. She got some stuff. That was cool. Had some In n Out burger. I still don't see what all the fuss is about. They get one more chance, and then I'm just getting my milkshakes there. Those are tasty.

Headed home, watched some movies and then fell asleep.

Today was ok, not really any angry customers, which was nice. Although quite a few emails about the same subject. It makes me wonder who is actually sending the email coupons to these people.

Had nachos for dinner. Yum!

Tomorrow Loretta goes to the vet, I do laundry and clean and organize and then go to pizza job. I took the day off from regular work because, well, I hate it.

Funny term for a bra = hooter holder

That cracks me up.

I am sending you all on a quest. I need a pirate icon for when I speak of downloading things.

ready go.
mood: lazylazy
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04:24am 05/12/2006 (UTC)
Why We Cite: His Holiness

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04:56am 05/12/2006 (UTC)
I'll give you a hint; it's not "Skip.": Valley Guy
I knøw a number of other local burger places I prefer to In and Out in terms of flavor and interesting menu. I think for a lot of people, It's just the knøwledge that their meat and fries are of a higher quality, or at least less full of crap, than most fast food places, and that the company as a whole treats their employees well. Considering much of their competition in the fast food arena, that's saying a lot. On the other hand, although I like their food well enough, I've always been mildly disappointed because of all the hype.
picword: Valley Guy
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