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One Year Later

Today Sidney and Skyler turn 1 year old. Dear Lord, where has the time gone?

The day you were born was a good day, except when your mom's hospital room was really hot. The air was broken, she got a new room. Yay for your mom and you guys!
I helped feed you both, and Skyler you were really hard to wake up (I think that's something you got from me, even though I had absolutely nothing to do with your creation.) The next few days I stayed with your mom in the hospital and helped her feed and change you (no poopie diapers, thank you).
When you got home your room was ready and waiting. Alas, neither of you really wanted to sleep in your beds and so it came to pass as time went on that Skyler was in Grandma's room and Sidney was in mom's room. Sidney, you were calmed by me singing "Crybaby" by Janis Joplin. I don't know why, but you were. Well, for about ten minutes, then I think the fact that I didn't know all of the words and the fact that I can't sing annoyed you and so you would start crying again.
Skyler, making funny faces at you and just general humming helped to calm you, but not all the time. Then your mom and grandma discovered that the Final Jeopardy! theme calmed you both down. So I was instructed to make a tape of nothing but the theme. I don't think any of us can listen to the Jeopardy! music anymore. Thanks a lot. :)
You both are growing so fast. Skyler you were the first to hold your own bottle, take a step and get teeth. Sidney, I think you started to talk first. Mainly to backtalk to your mom when she told you no. I remember taking Sidney to Lion Country Safari and she spit up on the window controls in the car and her Uncle Heather, my car hasn't been the same, neither has Uncle Heather for that matter. You seemed to have a good time, riding in the stroller in the park and looking at everyone, you are rather nosy, but that's okay, you're still young enough to get away with it.
You are both rather good when we take out places, except when it's time for us to eat, you both want to eat too. Our food. Not yours. Funny. Not really.
I love that when I come into your house either one or both of you come running to hug my legs (well, if mommie isn't around anyways) and want me to give you attention. Hey, wait, you guys just want attention. :)
I am fully loving watching you both grow up and hope that I will be able to help provide for you as you grow older, even if it's just as someone to talk to when your mom or grandma has made you mad.
Love to you both on your first birthday.

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