LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Temp to Hire

Yeah. They finally offered me a permanent position. I had to turn it down. I would have kept the job for 4 months, and that would have been fine, but the problem was that the shifts that they needed were not what I could work with.

I told them that I couldn't just work this job. There was no way I could afford it. And that I have an opportunity for management with the pizza job, so I had to stick with that anyways. I'll be there until mid-January. Then who knows? I'll probably have another two weeks of no job, but I can throw in a lot of extra time at pizza in the meantime, which is good. This might actually work well in conjunction with the ham's trip out of town. hmmm

One on the customers had me busting up laughing today. She wears a HHH bra cup. Yes. That is 3 Hs. Her mom bought her a halter top. "For the safety of myself and others, I can not wear this top. Not even in my bathroom. I think she is trying to 'hoochie-fy' me."


And now, time for bed.

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