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Winterhaven aside

Tonight was a pretty good night. I got paid supervisor wages to go on a few deliveries, even if I did sit on Country Club for over 20 minutes. This time it wasn't because of buggies, it was people driving into Winterhaven. *sigh*

Today at the call center was kind of interesting. Apparently, someone leaked a coupon code that was malfunctioning. It was giving people 90% off. Someone ordered over $500 worth of merchandise and got it for $58. Yeah. So, I got an email from a woman about this coupon code and I checked it out. She sent me a link to the fatwallet.com forums. Sure enough, these people were taking the website for all it was worth. I emailed the info to a supervisor who then passed it on to corporate. That's when the emails for "HAY!I JUST USED THIS COUPON CODE AND IT ISN'T WORKING! I WANT MY MONEY BACK! CANCEL THE ORDER! I ONLY BOUGHT THIS STUFF BECAUSE OF THE DISCOUNT! THIS IS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

You see, most of my email clients *love* the caps lock key. Although, I have a feeling that some of them just hold down shift because they don't know what caps lock means. Seriously. Don't get me started on "looseing". I just can't. *sob*

So, yeah, saved the company tons of money. This isn't the first time a code has gone berserk. I have no idea who they have doing the coding and stuff for them, but there are way too many bugs on this site. Oh, so, because of that leaked coupon code. The site went down about 2 p.m. *sigh* I took my lunch then. I was already a half hour late because I was trying to place an order for a woman while the site was in the middle of crashing. Lovely.

I can't wait until that job is over.

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