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$23 short  
12:16am 28/12/2006

No idea where it is. I triple checked everything. *sigh*

Tonight was my first night closing alone. I think I did ok. Until that happened. I was hoping it would be, "Oh goodie! $1.48 over. Excellent. *yawn* Only 11:00? YAY!"

Oh well.

I'm playing hooky from the call center tomorrow. My last call today really did me in. I was pretty much blamed for some woman not getting her order sent out overnight. If I had felt like arguing further, or rather letting her yell at me further, I would have told her that the discount card that she bought was nonrefundable.

I want a beer.

I also left my phone at work. I have to drive over there in the morning to go pick it up before I take my car in to get the oil changed and new wiper blades. Dammit. I could have gone back in to get it before I left the parking lot, but I had already set the alarm. That would have meant waiting for a phone call from the alarm people for them to make sure that everything was ok. I'd rather just wait till morning.

Loretta is going bonkers right now. It's kind of cute.

I should get some sleep. Need to rest up for my midweek day off. I also need to call the temp agency and tell them that I am ready to REALLY call it quits at this call center. I can't take the people yelling at me anymore. I would prefer to be off the phones at this point. I see so many of the other people off the phones for most of their shift, and I am wondering why the fuck I need to be on them 8 hours a day. Whoa. Vera is really fighting back with Loretta now. I guess she is done being nice to her since she's smaller.
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05:03pm 28/12/2006 (UTC)
WHERE ARE MY DAMN PANTS THAT I ORDERED!?!?! ;) Just kidding. Love ya! *hug*
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07:52pm 29/12/2006 (UTC)
Sign Here: whip
Or maybe Vera realizes that Loretta is getting bigger and it's time to show her who's boss. She can take it. It may actually do her some good. FYI, I can't make the vet appt at 9 on Tues so hopefully the kit won't run into any more bushes!

Work sounds like a real drag. I hated handling the customer complaints line, too. I took a lot of breaks to recenter myself and remember that I was just a conduit between the consumer and the product or service they experienced. It's hard tho.

Don't you have a policy where, if the person is being verbally abusive, you can have up on him or her? There is only one job that I know of where people are being paid to be abused and they make at least $600 an hour.
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