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Got the oil changed in the car. Yay! Now the "Change Oil Soon" light has stopped coming on. That light is such a bully. They talked me into the higher mileage stuff. Part synthetic or something. I don't know, but considering all the driving I do, it's a better idea if I want to keep this car moving for another 50-100K miles.

So, April, wonderful fantastic person that she is, gave up a day of shopping at Anthem to drive my ass to Bisbee.


It only took 28 years.

It was awesome. I felt like a little kid.

Thanks, April. *hug*

I enjoyed my "snow day" as April was calling it. I needed that day away from the call center. Today wasn't too bad, but I am just chomping at the bit to get the hell out of there. Also, I may be moving up at pizza job sooner than I thought. We'll see.

You know what I need right now? I need snuggle time.

I am also looking forward to brunch on Sunday.

I thought that I was in a good mood today, but I was told that I kept giving my "you're a dumbass, shut up" look to people.


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