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NYE and Pizza  
12:24am 01/01/2007
It was so NOT busy tonight. Fairly steady, but not the rush we were expecting. The drawer was short AGAIN tonight. Less than last night, but still, not very good. We've been short almost every night this week. I'm a little afraid of closing this week. I'll have to see who is working. I may just keep this one dude on the line only if he is working with me. Now we have two people to worry about with stealing. *sigh* Fucking drug addicts.

People were pretty loose with the money tonight, but not as much as I had thought. I swear I should have made more, but I either gave someone too much change or I just can't count. Probably change. Dammit.

I have been rocking a headache all afternoon.

Helped with the inventory. Unfortunately, I won't be learning much more on this end because he's closing tomorrow with the fuckup drug addict twins. I'll have to learn the rest of it later this month and next month. Oh boy. It's a lot to learn, but I think I can handle it. I can only hope that if this does go through, then corporate will be helping me.

I got home and Loretta was freaking out from the fireworks. Vera is all "yeah, whatever" but Loretta is freaking. :)

Need cat food, litter and cleaning tomorrow. And sleeping in.
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12:57pm 01/01/2007 (UTC)
Why We Cite: History Channel
I had a headache for a while, too. I wonder if there was something in the potatoes...or the coffee. Maybe it was just the fact that we started off the day in such a cold place.

Are the drug addicts stealing money for drugs, or are their brains just too fried to be able to count change correctly?
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05:56pm 01/01/2007 (UTC)
could be for drugs. I don't know, it's pure speculation.

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05:57pm 01/01/2007 (UTC)
The Slitherdeedee: Dannykat
Happy new year, baby.

The short drawers are worrisome--is it a matter of people covering the drawers not being able to make change, or is someone skimming?

The other day, I got a lottery ticket and a paper at a pharmacy across the street from where I work. They were training a new clerk. Anyway, after I got across the street, I doubled back when I realized that I'd taken the newpaper without having paid for it, and I gave the kid the 35 cents, explaining that I'd neglected to pay for the paper.

The clerk was totally confused for a moment, but when he realized that I was correct, he rang it up and put the 35 cents into the till.

I imagine that these things can add up rapidly when there's an inexperienced employee working the cash register.

Shit--at least I did the right thing.

Anyway, I hope that new year's day is quiet and relaxing for you & the kitties.

picword: Dannykat
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