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11:18pm 08/01/2007
You have seen a small piece of the idiocy that I deal with on a daily basis. Thankfully, this job is over on Friday. I need to keep on Office Team's ass about getting me something for the next week.

OSU lost. :( Badly. Dammit.

Talking with Char and James was more exciting than the game. Although, I'm sure that would be more exciting than any football game. :)

I've been watching way too much Scrubs and Newsradio. I got rid of my tv so I would stop watching tv and yet...I am watching more than ever.

But...The Todd is so AWESOME. :) :) :)

4 more days bitches, 4 more days.
mood: blahblah
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12:27pm 09/01/2007 (UTC)
Speaking of tv, we recorded The Office. Have you seen it yet, or will you look for it on one o' those online tv watching places?

It's really less than 4 more days -- it's more like 3 days, plus a "last day". I mean, on Friday, you're going to be all "this is my last day, bitches" and at the end of every call, you'll be thinking to yourself, "Go ahead, call back, bitches. I'm not going to be here." So, that sentiment will carry you through the day so that it doesn't feel like a whole day.
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