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Dead dead dead

My battery died tonight. On my last delivery. Thank goodness it wasn't during the quadruple that I had just taken and I was fairly close to the store. I called my knight in shining Acura to come jump me. *waggles eyebrows*

Char will be giving me a ride to somewhere to get a new battery. Hopefully that will solve the problem. I do not want to say the A or S words right now. I can't afford those.

At least I made a couple of good tips on the few runs I got to go on tonight. It was soooo slow. Which is good, since my car is dead. *sigh*

I am quite glad that my dad gave me that tool set now. YAY POPPIE!

I'll have to make sure and call tomorrow to let him know that.

Loretta is antagonizing Vera. *sigh*

Only 3 more days of pants.

I have a full plate this weekend. James' tae bo tourny and bowling with matt (i may be late) and then working. yay working.

and boooo to Florida for winning the national championship. buttheads.

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