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Nothing like  
11:56pm 11/01/2007
still being hungover and kicking ass.

I'm getting better at tossing dough.

Had to really work on it tonight because my closing cook and the midshift cook called out. They both do most of the tossing. Day shift cook stayed for a while as did the new guy, but he's not too good at it yet. Thank heavens D, one of the corporate dudes, was there.

Oof. Had a chit chat with FNG (fucking new guy) about his work behaviors. Told him he needs to shape up. *sigh* I was really short with him most of his shift. But if he asked me to go on a smoke break one more time I was going to strangle him. Seriously.

After 8:30 though it slowed down pretty good. I was able to cut mostly everyone. It was just me and the closing driver. Kickass labor percentage today. YAY!

So, while not an ideal shift, things didn't go too smoothly, but I managed to make it through. Perhaps next week will go better. No more pants after tomorrow.

A<---kicking ass

Shall I take your name?
mood: kicking of asskicking of ass
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