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(no subject)  
10:59pm 12/01/2007
Loretta is chewing on a straw.

I hope that the kitties are good while Anne is here. I may wind up giving her my room and I'll take the air mattress out in the living room so she can get uninterrupted sleep. We'll work it out when she gets here.

I got to deliver to La Fiesta de Los Osos tonight. They took over a hotel in town. That's right, an entire congregation of bears. My friend Raul would have been in heaven. They were pretty nice to me, but apparently were too appreciative of a fellow driver's assets for his taste, so I wound up taking the last two runs there. I am really out of shape, lifting 20 pizzas makes you realize that. Oof.

The rest of the night was pretty busy until about 9 when it just came to a standstill. We finally got a minute to breathe. YAY!

And, as you gathered from my previous voice post, I am free of the call center. NO MORE PANTS! My first call this morning was a woman whining and complaining about how it's not fair that she didn't get her order.

Ma'am, life isn't fair. If your biggest ordeal right now is that you didn't get a sweater and a t-shirt, then I need to move on. I have bigger fish to fry.

Loretta is now attacking the cow. Such a freaking weirdo.

I will see you peeps at bowling tomorrow. I can only stay for about an hour or so, day driver needs/wants to leave a little earlier than he's scheduled for so I told him I'd come in for him. More $$ for moi.
mood: pizza-ed outpizza-ed out
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(no subject)
06:21pm 13/01/2007 (UTC)
Sign Here: Linus
Yay pizza!!!
picword: Linus
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