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Happy Belated Birthday to footnotefetish!!

Sorry I couldn't stay longer. Call of pizza and all that.

RG tonight at 8 for xwords, beer and perhaps scrabble. Maybe uno? YAY GAMES!

I wish my brain would stop running right now. Especially with the stupid crap floating through there. Really stupid. Ok, maybe not that stupid, but in the grand scheme of things, not exactly world altering events.

Did pretty decent in tips last night. That makes me happy. And I have to go pay the HOA fee tomorrow. Damn. I almost forgot about it. Hopefully they are open, if not I don't think a holiday should count against me for a late fee. Damn holidays.

Maybe I'll put on Finding Nemo or Eddie Izzard, those usually cheer me up. Or a talk with Heather.

We'll see which comes first.

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