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08:44pm 16/01/2007
I spent most of the day cleaning. The bathroom is almost fantastic. I need a nice little table for in there instead of that tv tray. *rolls eyes* Loretta did her best to help me clean the tub, sink and toilet. She even tried to lend a hand during kitchen cleanup. Ever so helpful. Until the water comes on. Then she's not so willing to assist.

Still need to do laundry. We aren't at apocalyptic proportions yet, but it's getting close. Luckily, I don't go into work until 4. That's kind of nice. This is almost like a freaking vacation for me. Only working one job. I didn't realize how much time two jobs took up until I had all this time on my hands (note to self, call and pester temp agency tomorrow).

I also did some brain cleaning. Further bleaching will be done tomorrow during lunch with parilous. Hopefully it won't be too much bleaching, I do need to remember my 3rd grade teacher's name. For whatever reason. For strategic sheep purposes.

I am now at Something Sweet having some decaf and waiting for chocolate. Good ol' chocolate. I also did something I haven't done in my house for a while. I made myself dinner. Mmmm. Beef stir fry.

Ok, now to concentrate on the task at hand. Writing stuff.
mood: attempting to be productiveattempting to be productive
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