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I meant to mention tortillas to you all. Some blurb I heard on NPR regarding the price of corn in Mexico going up because there is no longer competition with the U.S. for white (?) corn against Mexican growers. The U.S. growers are growing corn for ethanol purposes, not food. So, corn is going up which means that there are less tortillas to be made by people in Mexico. Interesting.

Today was an ok night. It was nice to actually keep to normal delivery times. It's sad when 3 drivers seems like a luxury. Seriously.

Got to hang out with April and Erika at the Cactus Moon. Uh, yeah. I paid $5 to get in to not see a band. I felt that was a little ridiculous. Good thing I didn't use valet, that was another $4. WTF?

In other news, I happen to have Saturday night off. Who is up for crosswords or beer or movie or something later in the evening? Anyone?


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