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Black Friday Indeed

Friday was an interesting day to say the least. I finished up my part of the report early, so I sent it to my teammate who was putting everything together. Then I had to take a short nap and then I had to go look for a hawaiian shirt. I hate hawaiian shirts. They look so silly. But, I found one. Made my way to the Everglades Club, a VERY private, VERY exclusive Palm Beach club. Let me put it this way, I was surprised they were letting my boss in the place (he's Jewish). As a matter of fact, I saw absolutely NO black people that night. Not even in employment, all latino or white. Insanity.
It was an outdoor event. For some reason, Floridians LOVE outdoor events. Especially when cold fronts are coming through. Because when a cold front comes through, it rains. And for some reason we just think it is the greatest thing to get caught in the rain and have to move 13 150+ lb. tables in from the rain, only to have the rain stop 20 minutes later. yep. I got soaked helping move tables. Luckily, my boss got his stuff covered before it started to pour. Nothing like having your espresso machine destroyed in ten minutes by a rain storm for a spoiled rich kid. This shindig was for some girl's 21st birthday. 21. $30K party.
yeah, okay. I went out with friends barhopping. But, that's just me.
So, yeah, got drenched and then of course comes the cold front. I was freezing most of the night. Fun for me. Then I was called sir. That was fun. Then I was called sweetie. I hate being called sweetie by pretentious assholes.
I really do. That happened all the time when I was a waitress. I detest it.
Of course, no one really wanted coffee or nonalcoholic smoothies. They wanted free liquor. They kept coming up to me asking for various alcoholic beverages, I had to keep pointing them in the other direction. Also, I didn't realize that the tiki bar that I was in, or the espresso table were places for empty glassware that they couldn't bother to walk over to the tray set up specifically for that purpose.
I think if I ever became rich, I would snub Palm Beach all together and go live in the ghetto. :)

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